How to Write An Effective Welcome Email?

Email is one of the best channels at your disposal to market not just your online store but any traditional business. Emails drive traffic, add spice to your content marketing, and outperform top social media sites out there like Twitter and Facebook.

In a few words I will tell you a little about one of the most important types of emails that you can send out: the “Welcome.” They’re the types of emails you get usually when you submit your email address to a website. The welcome email, for how small and negligible it may seem, actually puts in a lot of work when it comes to building a relationship between your business and the people on your mailing list.

welcome emails usually have the highest open rates of any marketing emails: 60 to 65%. Additionally, customers who receive welcome emails are more likely to engage with a brand over the long term than those who have not.

Your welcome emails should be very concise. here is a list of what should be included in your welcome email.


  1. Let the recipient know they’re on your list and thank them for joining
  2. Let your audience know what they can expect
  3. Tell them how they can easily get off the list
  4. Leave them wanting more

Welcome emails are really effective. It’s the first ever piece of communication that someone will receive from you in their inbox. They’re likely to click through, so make it count.

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