Top 5 Profitable e-Commerce Business Ideas For 2018

As they always say, a new year is a new beginning. According to  Hufffingtonpost 2018 is going to be a great year to start an e-commerce business. e-Commerce revenues are projected to reach an all-time high of $460 billion in the 2018.

The all times number one reason that stops many people from launching their online business is the saturation of the market. What product should they sell that would make their store successful.

To answer this question, I did a little research and compared ideas on products that have the reputation to be a success in the market. My analysis was on products that still have the ability to capture the at anytime in relation to supply and demand.

Here is a list of products that are project to do good in 2018.

Smart Home Products and Accessories

Despite the increase in the demand for smart products, not many e-commerce store owners  have these products in mind . Last year, about 40% millennials in America used a smart home speaker. This trend will increase to 55% in 2018. It is now the time to plant your online presence in this great niche.

Online Grocery

Given the wide range of the products and the equally big market, this niche will surely continue to grow and  be a great business idea in coming years. You could start small with just the products from your hometown store. As profits growing, you’re earning more money, you could decide to scale up the business.

Niche Fashion/Jewelry Product Market

Niche products will always be favorite as oppose to general store regardless of the market. It is projected that 2018 will see more niche e-commerce stores popping up more than ever. The niche segmentation will increase because of the introduction of new technologies like  drone delivery systems. It is important to start planning niche e-commerce sites that introduce a specific style of jewelry or appeal to a bigger audience.

Online Learning Platforms

You’re probably thinking, ‘there are already 1000s of education portals available…,’ just remember, where there is demand, there is no cap or restrictions. Online learning platforms are still growing, providing a great niche for your business.


Vape Hardware, Flavors, and Liquids

The vape industry is fast become highly profitable as the vaping become a popular hobby. There are already communities around various aspects of vaping. Although there are many active vaping focused e-commerce stores, there is still a huge gap in the lineup of stores that cater exclusively to local communities.


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